Alistair: Did it hurt?

Morrigan: *sighs* Did what hurt?

Alistair: When you broke through the earth's crust ascending from hell

what kind of submissions do you like from your MALE followers?


the monetary kind. 



"your wings are too big"


(vía filthylinen)

rowena: i'm looking over the plans

godric: yeah

rowena: what's this weird series of rooms accessible only by a hatch in a room on the right hand side of the third floor corridor

godric: oh that's for if we ever need to hide a priceless artifact for some reason

rowena: why would we hide a priceless artifact in a school

godric: safest place

rowena: fucking is it though?? there's a giant snake somewhere

[in the distance]

salazar: there's no snake you are wrong stop being wrong